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Our story is about a meeting of minds focused on the future. Our story began in 1990 when Catherine Doherty planted in a tree in a field; the seeds of Fields of Learning began. Helping people, teams and organisations to feel rooted, enabling then to grow, to stretch and challenge themselves to walk into new fields and so reach their full potential. It was well nurtured by Catherine and now stands as a mature tree rooted in the fields of coaching and leadership development. 

This is where the five new Directors show up as characters in the evolving story, from different backgrounds and sectors – corporate, industry, military, NHS and NGO – a diverse meeting of minds in different stages of our own transitions. Some of us were trained by Fields of Learning so are steeped in its culture – others brought new approaches. Gradually, our paths started to intertwine.

We started to notice a connection, spot the similarities in the way we worked, our beliefs and values and the common impact we wanted to make on the leaders and organisations of the future. We enjoyed working together. It was easy. Fun. So we formed a kinship. Then the moment happened - our paths came together just as the world was experiencing enormous change and shift. 

Catherine was ready to hand over the reins, at the same time we were all looking for growth and new opportunity. We explored, asked questions and were curious, eventually deciding yes! So the five of became the new directors of Fields of Learning on July 1st 2020. Catherine stepped into the NED role of “Wise Owl,” sitting in that tree surveying the future landscape. 

There was a sense of a baton being handed on. The tree is rooted in its 20 year experience and now we are responding to the call from the future. We have added more branches and now we are reaching out to grow those we facilitate and coach as well as our networks and associates. 

We are all about helping individuals, teams and organisations to lead themselves and their successors into the 21st century. The next chapter in the life of Fields of Learning has begun and we are proud and excited to be part of it. This is the path we all want to take. Here’s to the future - come with us on the journey! 

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